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法定語文主任 (OLO) 各部門現職人數 - admin - 01-24-2020


法定語文主任 (OLO) 各部門現職人數 (截至2019年9月31日)

(數字包括法定語文主任所有職級 (OLOII/OLOI/SOLO...))
Civil Service Bureau 公務員事務局 112
Home Affairs Department 民政事務總署 63
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 食物環境衞生署 26
Hong Kong Police Force 香港警務處 23
Leisure and Cultural Services Department 康樂及文化事務署 22
Customs and Excise Department 香港海關 18
Housing Department 房屋署 18
Lands Department 地政總署 16
Planning Department 規劃署 16
Education Bureau 教育局 12
Department of Justice 律政司 11
Labour Department 勞工處 9
Legal Aid Department 法律援助署 9
Environmental Protection Department 環境保護署 8
Immigration Department 入境事務處 8
Buildings Department 屋宇署 7
Department of Health 衞生署 6
Development Bureau 發展局 6
Fire Services Department 消防處 6
Office of the Communications Authority 通訊事務管理局辦公室 6
Correctional Services Department 懲教署 5
Home Affairs Bureau 民政事務局 5
Marine Department 海事處 5
Security Bureau 保安局 5
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department 漁農自然護理署 4
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 機電工程署 4
Social Welfare Department 社會福利署 4
Drainage Services Department 渠務署 3
Food and Health Bureau 食物及衞生局 3
Inland Revenue Department 稅務局 3
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer 政府資訊科技總監辦公室 3
Post Office 郵政署 3
Radio Television Hong Kong 香港電台 3
Rating and Valuation Department 差餉物業估價署 3
Trade and Industry Department 工業貿易署 3
Transport Department 運輸署 3
Chief Executive's Office 行政長官辦公室 2
Civil Engineering and Development Department 土木工程拓展署 2
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau 商務及經濟發展局 2
Companies Registry 公司註冊處 2
Highways Department 路政署 2
Innovation and Technology Commission 創新科技署 2
Official Receiver's Office 破產管理署 2
Transport and Housing Bureau 運輸及房屋局 2
Audit Commission 審計署 1
Auxiliary Medical Service 醫療輔助隊 1
Census and Statistics Department 政府統計處 1
Civil Aid Service 民眾安全服務處 1
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau 政制及內地事務局 1
Government Logistics Department 政府物流服務署 1
Information Services Department 政府新聞處 1
Labour and Welfare Bureau 勞工及福利局 1
Land Registry 土地註冊處 1
Water Supplies Department 水務署 1

總數: 487

資料來源: Access to Information via Civil Service Bureau